Welcome to the Bitz Barn – Warhammer Fantasy & 40K Bitz Heaven

Bitz Barn

We are a Gamers Store built and run by Gamers

We Specialize in Warhammer and Warhammer 40K Bitz and Sprues for your building pleasures.

We now carry FORGE WORLD! Yes you read it right FORGE WORLD! We have an ever expanding assortment of Forge World Product on our Web site and we look forward to increasing it to serve our customer.

Now we all know Games Workshops Rules for Selling Games Workshop Merchendise online, so we cannot sell you a Box online but we can sell you sprues online. So what we do have are Pages and Pages of Warhammer Fantasy Plastic Bitz and Warhammer 40K Plastic Bitz.

We also have a selection of Warhammer Fantasy Sprues and 40K Sprues for you to sort though.We also Stock all your wargaming Supplies such as Army Transport Foam, Chessix Dice, and a great assortment of Gale Force 9 products. You have to order online. If you have a question you can call us and one of the friendly farm hands will gladly help you out and get issues resolved

So Check us Out and Hope ya’ll find what ya need!


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